Resources specific to the VIVO project are listed first, followed by selected semantic web information sources.


The VIVO project has several core software components and a number of associated tools.

The VIVO software extends and enhances the underlying Vitro ontology editor and semantic web application.

The VIVO code includes the VIVO ontology and additional code specific to researcher networking and discovery.

The VIVO Harvester is a library of tools and example scripts for pulling data from external sources and loading them into VIVO.

Additional tools have been built that use data from VIVO for other applications including an integrated search across multiple institutions.

Additional Project Resources

The VIVO project has most of the standard tools for open source projects. Below is a list of each of the main resources for the VIVO Projects.

The Semantic Web

The semantic web or "web of data" is a relatively young and growing concept in the world of information management focused on moving the web from purely human readable to machine readable form, enabling software to better access all the information available on the web. Below are several resources to help you better understand the semantic web and the role it plays in VIVO.

VIVO Release V1.5.1