Bugs and Features

The VIVO project currently uses a JIRA system for its bug and feature tracking, currently hosted by the Cornell University Library at issues.library.cornell.edu. There are currently four JIRA 'projects' associated with VIVO:

VIVO Development: VIVO application development tickets are managed here for each version of the VIVO application. The App Team, Semantic Team, UI Team, and Packaging Team all have tickets here about tasks, bugs, and features for upcoming releases, typically organized by components corresponding to features in the pending release.

VIVO Harvester: All bugs and features for the Harvester Library exist in this project space.

VIVO Ontology: Current issues under discussion and development in the VIVO ontology.

VIVO Implementation: Implementation questions and issues may be managed here, although in practice many are addressed on the vivo-imp-issues or vivo-dev-all mailing lists.

In addition, all items from the contact form on vivoweb.org are routed to another JIRA project for triaging. Since submissions may included personal contact information, this project requires a login.

VIVO Release V1.5.1