The VIVO project has several methods of communication. There is no right way to get in touch with the community. Some prefer email and listservs, othersl like the instant nature of chats. Others perfer the static public nature of forums. What ever your preference feel free to pick and choose.


Hard questions and long discussions are best done over the VIVO Lists. Several lists are available based on the topic you are looking to discuss.

vivo-dev-all:  The best place to get your hands dirty in the VIVO Project. Developers and Implementers frequent this listserv to get the latest on feature design, development planning, and testing

vivo-ontology:  The VIVO ontology serves as the data model for the VIVO application as well as an independent ontology for representing researchers in the context of their experience, outputs, interests, accomplishments, and associated institutions. This list is a place you can raise modeling requirements, share your domain expertise to improve or extend the ontology, discuss the technical details of the design of the VIVO OWL ontology, or share general ontology topics and news.

vivo-imp-issues:  Implementing VIVO for the first time? Upgrading to the latest version? This list brings implementers together to help identify and solve questions ranging from installation to best practices.


For instant access to VIVO developers visit the VIVO IRC Channel. VIVO is still a small project so developers and end users alike all frequent this channel. All are welcome.

Channel: #VIVO

VIVO Release V1.5.1